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Moon Phases Magickal Intention Candles set of 4

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A set of 4 Magickal Intention Candles to follow the phases of the moon. Created for ritual and to bring the sacred into our daily lives. The moon phases are known to offer unique gifts throughout the month for creating intention, planting new seeds of thoughts and action and honouring our life's path. 

Light each candle whenever you are in need of their magickal intentions.

Wanning Moon ( Magickal Intention Candle - Light during the wanning moon phase for reflection and letting go of things, thoughts, ideas and relationships that no longer serve our highest good. Made with wildcrafted pine resin, wild sage, wildcraft dandelion greens and pure essential oils of pine, sage & rose geranium, topped with a smoky quartz crystal.

New Moon Magical Intention Candle - Light this candle during the new moon phase to set net intentions and goals. A time of planting new seeds for growth, new beginnings & bring in higher vibrations. Made with wildcrafted cedar, garden rosemary, activated charcoal, pink rock salts and pure essential oils of orange, cedarwood and smoky vetivert. Topped with a fluorite crystal.

Waxing Moon ) Magickal Intention Candle - Light during the waxing moon phase with is a time of action, bringing our thoughts into creation. Made with wildcrafted juniper berries for protection, ylang ylang to strengthen relationships, clary sage to increase visions & channeling, topped with a peacock ore stone for happiness, managing obstacles and for protection. 

Full Moon Magickal Intention Candle - Light during the full moon to honour the divine feminine, enhance clarity ,aid visualizations, reflection, renewal and rooting our highest intentions. Made with wild yellow rose petals, wildcrafted dandelion roots and pure essential oils of lemongrass, bitter orange and ginger with a handpicked ocean stone.