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Elderberry & Rowan Berry Moisturizing Oil


This healing and hydrating facial oil is infused with clear quartz crystals and wildcrafted elderberries, rowan berries and pure essential oils;all known for their high antioxidant and vitamin c content. I hiked game trails over the Hurley in late summer to harvest these beauties, following bear tracks and munching on wild blueberries as I went! I hoped to capture the magickal wildness of the day!

Apply one to two drops on a cotton pad to remove makeup and cleanse the skin, apply a splash of water and massage in. For a light and quick absorbing Moisturizing Oil, apply one to two drops into clean skin. For best results, Mist face with Floral Water Toner.

Simple, natural, wild.



Infused olive oil with clear crystal quartz, Wildcraft elderberries and Rowan berries, organic jojoba oil, borage oil, vitamin e oil, pure essential oils of ginger, grapefruit and patchouli.