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Triple Goddess Intention Candle Set


3 Intention Candles to honour the phases of the moon and acknowledge the 3 aspects of the feminine; maiden, mother and crone )O( 

Maiden candle for the waxing moon with Wildcraft dandelion leaf and nettles, pure essential oils of lemongrass & grapefruit with a sun soaked rose quartz crystal to enhance self-love.

Mother candle to honour the full moon, our rise to power, embracing our femininity, fertility, passion and abundance. Created with Wildcraft hawthorn flowers, ground vanilla bean, wild rose, patchouli & ylang ylang and a citrine crystal. 

The crone candle to honour the wanning moon, infused with activated charcoal, garden rosemary and a amethyst crystal.  This is a time of facing our darkest fears to find our courage and strength, the time of the wise woman and healer.