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  • Winter Stillness

    Posted on January 26 2018

    Winter Stillness
    This winter I have been struggling with the blinding white blanket of snow that seems to mirror so much of my inner world. I have been feeling frozen, lonely, a stillness and resistance to growth, the heaviness of false lack, struggling as i wade through my 'stuff'.
  • Gratitude

    Posted on October 27 2017

    For the last 8 months I have started a daily practice of gratitude, journal-ling for a few minutes on what I am grateful for, what I would like to accomplish in the day and create a personal mantra focusing on what my soul needs to release or aspire to be. In the evening I remind […]
  • The Little Crow Barn

    Posted on October 10 2017

    The Little Crow Barn
    It has been a full, inspiring spring and summer with so many new challenges and adventures! Last summer I began dreaming of a little store front to support local artisans, a space for community to meet and to share my Ravenwood Wildcraft products and this spring it all came to life! I found a tiny […]
  • Magickal Mullein

    Posted on July 12 2017

    Magickal Mullein
    Mullein (Verbascum Thapsus) Everywhere I go in the valley, there is sunny mullein, hugging road sides, popping up in dry, disturbed soil, her soft, fuzzy light green leaves forming a rosette close to the ground. This is mulleins first year growth; in the second year it grows a long stem that can reach up to 5’feet […]
  • Sacred Plants

    Posted on June 27 2017

    Sacred Plants
    Sacred Buffalo Berry (Shepardia canadensis)  This plant is new to me since moving into the valley, its bright red berries beckoning me to explore, gain knowledge of the history and the wild uses of this local fauna. Buffalo or soap berry, as it is often called, came by its common names as it was […]